Genesis Offset in Johannesburg

COMPANY OVERVIEWFounded in 2002 by Lloyd De Vries, Genesis Offset opened its doors to the marketplace in 2008. Starting out from humble beginnings as a home based operation, the company focused primarily on the production of labels, flyers, business cards, invoice books, brochures and newsletters. Since then, the company has evolved into a value-added total business solutions provider. Through strategic planning, execution and the streamlining of operations, Genesis Offset has uniquely incorporated the latest print technology practices and traditional printing principles to provide innovative quality service and product delivery. From offset to digital printing, and the implementation of latest technologies in, Pre-Press, Printing, Binding, Print Finish and Packaging offers customers the efficient and cost-effective Genesis Offset understands the competitive market in which it operates and believes that customers should be offered services and products that transcend beyond the traditional role printing companies offer. With the inclusion of a skills development and training division, tackles the challenge of the lack of skilled labour in the print industry. Genesis Offset is currently in discussion with the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA), to establish a partnership to effectively execute the skills development and training programme. Initially the focus will be in the South African market with the objective to expand into Africa.The company has a holistic approach in fulfilling customer needs and objectives that result in print solutions that contribute towards enhanced value. Genesis Offset believes that printing plays a pivotal role for Economies, Societies and Communities, as it is the instrument used for static information dissemination for visual platforms.As responsible corporate citizen, Genesis Offset is committed to developing solutions that are environmentally friendly and is currently conducting research and development print technologies that can be adopted to meet these objectives.CORE BUSINESSGenesis Offset has evolved since its first day of trading in the marketplace and has encompassed a broader service portfolio which includes the following focus areas: •Printing Services and Products: Offset and Digital; and•Outsourced Services: Machine Maintenance and Labour Capacity; and•Skills Development and TrainingPRINTING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS: Offset and Digital The printing services and products are provided through offset and digital solutions depending on the client’s preference and needs.OUTSOURCED SERVICES: Machine Maintenance and Labour CapacityThis service has been incorporated into the enterprise as a result of the demand in the marketplace. At a monthly service levy, companies are afforded the value-add of having a 24 hour preventative maintenance for print machines, to prevent downtime and the ceasing of machines. A labour force that they can call on when required. It is a cost effective solution that gives print companies the operational peace of mind.SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND TRAININGThis is a newly established division of the business and aims to provide the unique solution of skills development and training through theory and practical combined. Currently the print sector in South Africa offers a more concentrated focus on theory, leaving the student wanting when it comes to practical and the responsibility placed on their shoulders to find a place to conduct practical. The combination of the two has been enthusiastically welcomed by the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA) and has offered its assistance to Genesis Offset in accomplishing this objective.


Genesis Offset