Firestring - Event Management Technologies in Johannesburg

Firestring provides a unique technology platform for managers of clubs, conference and events.With Firestring you can issue membership cards, use cell phones and webcams to track your guests at each event, view online reports for each event and offer membership-based virtual currency. Your online reports provide you with the demographic details of your members and will let you know which events they attend and when.Use Firestring to update your member database in real-time - get to know who attends each event, when and where. You can use the member details you capture using Firestring to send targeted marketing communication based on your member demographics and their event activities.
  • Firestring's Customer and Event Management Portal

    Firestring has created an enterprise Java-based application to manage your members' demographic data and mWallet transactions. The Portal tracks and manages all member-related activity and offers you a flexible reporting and marketing communication solution.
  • Firestring's Mobile Phone Reader

    Firestring's Mobile Phone Reader works with any cell phone that can browse the Internet.Use the Mobile Phone Reader to track members entering your club or event, registering at your conference or participating in your competition or loyalty program. The Firestring Mobile Phone Reader 'snaps' your guest's barcode and sends this information to the Firestring Web Portal for processing.
  • Firestring Coolcam

    Firestring's Coolcam is a specialised Webcam Reader that quickly takes pictures of your members' barcodes and sends this information to your private Firestring Web Portal.Effective for a quick camera-based solution for high volume events such as in ticketing enviroments.The camera module allows you the flexibility and performance of a barcode scanner without the setup and maintanence costs of traditional POS system.
  • Firestring's Reporting Engine

    Firestring is able to provide you with accurate information regarding your client base, where you repeat business is coming from and more importantly, who your customers really are.
  • Firestring's SMS Gateway

    As an option the Firestring Customer and Event Management Portal provides you with facilities to SMS and Email your customers at a click of a button.Since the Database is managed by the Portal there is no need to manage your own lists and contact details, the portal will do all this for you.Plugged into the Reporting Engine you can create lists based on previous trends, demographical data or any other measurable tool that is relevant to your business:


Firestring - Event Management Technologies

firestring's customer and event management portal firestring's mobile phone reader firestring coolcam firestring's reporting engine firestring's sms gateway