FenyaSoft in Johannesburg

FenyaSoft specializes in the integration of tedious tasks that are required by your accounting system. We have tightly integrated with Pastel, Netcash, iPulse/SecuGen biometrics and front-end devices like PDA's and cellphones.

If you want to Automate it, we do it

If you need it integrated, we do it

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  • FenyaConnect

    Automates the entire Debitor Management, Supplier Management, Debit Order and EFT Management, Overdue Account process. This is tightly integrated into Pastel and Netcash
  • FenyaMobile

    Extends the reach of the accounting system into the field. FenyaMobile uses PDA/cellphone devices to capture: meter readings, stock, delivery notes, inovices and updates Pastel in realtime.
  • FenyaGYM

    Uses FenyaConnect to tightly integrate GYM members, biometrics and business automation to ensure that the accounting system controls GYM access, thus maximizing revenue collection
  • FenyaDeliveries

    FenyaDeliveries is designed to automate and facilitate the processing of telesales, picking slips,driver trip and cash-up sheets. Trip data is collected from Pastel sent to FenyaMobile. When the driver has completed each call, FenyaMobile remotely updates Pastel, thus providing realtime sales data into Pastel



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