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About Us

EyeFIND.co.za is an easy to use online optometrist directory. We have optometrists listed all around South Africa, allowing you to browse and find the most suitable person for your needs.

Who accepts your medical aid?

Just by selecting your medical aid and area, EyeFIND.co.za will be able to list optometrists that accept your medical aid. Now no more searching for hours looking for one

Super easy

Just search for an optometrist near you or search for one with a specific interest. Even better, just type the name of the optometrists or practice you are looking for. Our new search tab works a lot like Facebook. When you type their name, a drop down will appear and give you all the details, AMAZING!

Get the right eye care

Are you in need of a contact lens "specialist", or would like to find optometrists that love working with children. Just select the appropriate "Special Interest" while doing your search and we will list all the optometrists that practice with that special interest, making it easy for you to decide where to go.

Personal touch

Small touches like showing a photograph of the optometrist not only makes the experience more personal, but allows you to see who you are going to before even meeting them. Also by adding the optometrist's hobbies we enable you to go to an optometrist with mutual interests.

Just think about sunglasses for golf, safety glasses for squash and glasses that don't fog up when in the kitchen. Won't you prefer to get eye care from somebody that understand your visual needs and will be better able to assist you?

Online bookings

Don't you want things to be hassle free? To help you we have added a very nice "Make an appointment online" section, no need to phone for an appointment, all you have to do is request a time for an appointment and your selected optometrists will contact you, easy and hassle free.

Directions & Google Street View

Get detailed directions from your current location to the optometrist, no more phone calls to the optometrist to find out where they are located. Also view the practice via Google Street View straight from EyeFIND.co.za


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