EnviroSmat Consulting in Johannesburg

EnviroSmat Consulting is a South African registered company that offers both national and international expertise in environmental and safety management. EnviroSmat Consulting has an innovative, pragmatic team of environmental Scientists, Engineers and Safety Specialists with hands on experience and a passion for the sustainable development of the environment. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:Environmental Consulting•Construction site environmental program and plan files•Environmental compliance Monitoring and Auditing (ECO services)•Impact Evaluation and Significance Rating•Environmental Mitigation and control•Environmental Management Systems Training and DevelopmentOHS Consulting•Construction site Safety program and plan files•Construction Job site Safety Inspections and Audits •OHS compliance inspections•Risk Assessments•OHS site Inductions and Training
  • Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Consulting

    ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTINGConstruction site environmental program and plan files. Environmental compliance Monitoring and Auditing (ECO services).Impact Evaluation and Significance Rating.Environmental Mitigation and control.Environmental Management Systems Training and Development.OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETYConstruction site Safety program and plan files.Construction Job site Safety Inspections and Audits. OHS compliance inspectionsRisk Assessments.OHS site Inductions and Training.


EnviroSmat Consulting

environmental and occupational health & safety consulting