ELAEIS PALM PRODUCTS CC Represents Graceford Trading Sdn Bhd of Malaysia producing trans fatty acid free vacuum fractionated palmitic fats & oils for animal feed, baby food,candle manufacture-wax blends for paper coating & polish,IV 62 palmolein cooking oil, feeding schemes, margarine production, confectionery fats, bullion blocks,soup powders and ice cream manufacture.Vegetable fats from palm for the processed meat industry and milk fat replacers.We also supply Tocovid (Tocotrienol) antioxidant for people suffering with dietary related heart and vascular diseases eg. arteriosclerosis, hypertension, high cholestrol etc.One capsule a day keeps the doctor away.In addition we supply A-Z pharmaceutical raw materials specialising in anti malarial Artemesinin derived products and Chemicals for Industry Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide,Lithopone,Pentaerythritol.We also supply Maltodextrins, Glucose, Citric Acid etc.
  • Palmstearin

    import & export of palmstearin Astrafat PC 330 Powder/Flakes for animal feed, eco-friendly candles, baby food, feeding schemes, aids baby fats, milk & cheese, Astrafat HY-2 Flakes for wax blending/candle production, paper coating, printing inks, polishes etc.
  • Palm Mid Fraction

    Astra 425 T1 & T2,Palm Mid Fraction, trans fatty acid free,for high quality low cost margarine, bakery fatsand processed meats.
  • Maltodextrin

    Maltodextrins for food industry - baby foods, feeding schemes, breweries etc.
  • Chemicals

    Agro Chemicals A-Z Aluminium SulphateAscorbic AcidCitric Acid MonohydrateCitric Acid AnhydrousGlacial Acetic AcidKaolinLithoponeMagnesium OxideMagnesium CarbonateOrganic IntermediatesOxallic AcidPentaerythritolPhosphorous Acid for AgriculturePhosphates-Calcium,Potassium & Sodium Food & tech grades
  • Bakery Fats

    Astrafat Baking SeriesShortening, pastry fats etc.Margarine
  • Cooking Oil

    Astraoil IV 56-IV63 palmolein for superb frying & cooking
  • Soap Raw Materilas

    Soap Noodles PFAD PKFAD Caustic Soda Glycerine
  • Palmolein

    Palmolein IV 56-IV63 for cooking oils & margarine blending/manufacture



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