Dynacare in Johannesburg

Isn't it strange how we always think about learning first aid after something has gone wrong, when it is already too late. Take a little time out of your busy schedule to learn a skill that may savesomeone's life, it may even be a close friend or relative that needs it one day." Dynacare's first aid training will give you the knowledge, skill and confidence you will need to act in an emergencysituation. We offer registered first aid training, approved by the Department of Labour and in alignment with the Resuscitation Council of South Africa as well as a range of basic orientation coursesfor those who would simply like to learn a little more about first aid. We also supply a wide range of first aid kits, including those required for industry. Be sure to visit our website to learnmore ...
  • Basic First Aid - Emergency Level One

    The Emergency First Aid Level One course is primarily designed to accommodate the workplaceenvironment. This course complies with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and is approved by the Department of Labour.Course Objectives include: To facilitate the learning of basic life-saving skills that can be used in the work environment and to ensure that each learner has both the skill and confidence to be able to assist the injured in an emergency situation, within the work environment.



basic first aid - emergency level one