Disciplinary & Labour Resolutions in Johannesburg

Disciplinary and Labour ResolutionsDon’t get caught out by being unprepared!Individual Services Offered:Should you find yourself in a situation at work, where you have been handed a notice to attend a disciplinary enquiry for whatever reason, the worst thing is to be unprepared! We can assist you in preparing a relevant defense. Get an expert on your side!Our specialised assistance will offer you counseling before the hearing, assistance in preparation of statements and other evidence. We will take you through the procedure so that you are prepared. We will assist your appeal if necessary. If the need arises, we will assist with your CCMA conciliation and arbitration. Disciplinary Hearings: •Assistance in defense•Appeal•CCMA Corporate Services Offered:A huge legal responsibility is placed on employers in:the Basic Conditions of Employment Actthe Labour Relations Actthe Employment Equity Actthe Occupational Health and Safety Actand the Skills Development and Training Act Our specialised assistance will offer employers the peace of mind that all requirements are being dealt with and that you are not unnecessarily being exposed to huge financial risks when dealing with staff or trade unions!HR Policies and Procedures:•Recruitment•Employment Contracts•Scorecard Appraisals•Wage Negotiations•OHS•ConsultationDisciplinary Hearings:•Impartial, Third Party Chairperson•CCMA (conciliation and arbitration)Call 072 693 4081 or 011 475 3638 for an appointment or more information visit: www.disciplinary.co.zaOr send us a fax on 086 554 8263


Disciplinary & Labour Resolutions

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