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Cosmetiq e Vitamin E skin care in Johannesburg

Do you suffer from scarring, sunburn, itching, rash? or do you just want to significantly slow the ageing process? Then Cosmetiq e is definitely for you! South African Scientists have formulated this miracle product to ensure a beautiful skin for you tomorrow specifically designed to protect against the harsh South African climate. The products are rich in Vitamin E and are for all skin types especially sensitive skins. Other key ingredients are azulen, a chamomile extract, to soothe and revitalise the skin. And allantoin to soften the skin. The products include: Facial cream Rich night cream Collagen neck cream Maximum moisturiser Body lotion Hand and nail cream Skin toner Cleansing milk Heel and elbow balm 100% Pure Vitamin E oil Vitamin E roll-on Available in Health shops and selected pharmacies. Or for direct order via our website or this advert.

  • Vitamin E skin care

    Cosmetiq e Vitamin E skin care products are an anti ageing miracle. Available in Health shops and selected pharmacies.
    • Vitamin E skin care
    • Vitamin E skin care
    • Vitamin E skin care
    • Vitamin E skin care
  • Cosmetiq e Facial cream

    30ml (ideal for handbag) or 50ml or 125mlThe Vitamin E rich facial cream is delicately combined to create a lasting youthful effect on the skin. The cream is soothing and is an excellent as a base under sunscreen as it protects the skin from the harsh chemicals in most sunscreens. Fragrance free for sensitive skins.
  • Cosmetiq e Rich Night Cream

    100ml Rich in Vitamin A and E, the rich night cream is applied to the skin at night for more results in smoothing the skin and reducing or preventing scarring, pigments or any other irregularities. Fragrance free for sensitive skins.
  • Collagen neck cream

    50mlThe Vitamin E and collagen rich cream is excellent to prevent ageing of skin in the neck area and around the eyes. It is especially known for its effectiveness against wrinkles and sagging skin. It helps to bring back the youthful elasticity of the skin.
  • Maximum moisturiser

    100mlFor those who have especially dry skins, the maximum moisturiser is an excellent to help lubricate the skin and bring back the youthful appearance. It is a brilliant cream for winter months when the skin dries and chaps.
  • Luxury Body Lotion

    200mlThe body lotion is rich in pure vitamin E and oxygen, it is excellent for assisting the regeneration of skin cells and the absorption of vitamin E into the skin on the entire body. This used in conjunction with the vitamin E oil can drastically reduce scars, stretch marks and prevent ageing and sunspots of the body’s skin. It is a luxurious lightly scented skin rehydrator which leaves the skin velvety smooth and supple. It is non greasy and easily absorbed and it can be used all year round on all skin types.
  • Cleansing Milk

    200mlThe non-foaming cleansing milk is rich in vitamin E. It will gently remove all impurities and make-up from the skin without harsh or abrasive chemicals, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and enhancing the absorption of Vitamin E into the skin.
  • Skin toner

    200mlThis gentle toner is rich in vitamin E. It is mild and works gently to rid the skin of all impurities. It is especially good for those with large pores and oily skin. It is best when used in conjunction with the Cosmetiq e Cleansing milk.
  • Skin rejuvenator oil

    20mlThe Skin rejuvenator repairs and rejuvenates skin. If used at night is especially formulated for sensitive skins and works gently to reverse the effect of the harsh environment and the sun on your skin. It is good for reducing dark marks and rings under the eyes. It can also be used all as an intensive repairing night treatment.
  • Luxury Vitamin E roll-on

    10ml The lip roll-on is a luxurious product available in different fragrances. It is rich in vitamin E and gives the lips a luscious and kissable pout that nourishes and protects. It is a mild formulation and can be used on sensitive skins. Enquire at cosmetiqe@gmail.com for more information on fragrances available in this product or any other information regarding Cosmetiq e products.The Vitamin E roll-on contains 6000i.u. of pure active vitamin E. It is specially formulated to carry this life giving vitamin E deep into the delicate parts of your skin. Apply the treatment nightly with the easy to use roll-on applicator, to wrinkles and chapped, dry skin and lips.
  • Heel and Elbow balm

    50mlThe heel and elbow balm is an excellent remedy for cracked heels and dry elbows. It is a very rich and moisturising nurturer. It can also be used on the hands to create a lasting silky soft texture. It is rich in active Vitamin E and exfoliates while penetrating deep into the skin.
  • Hand and nail cream

    50mlRich in Vitamin E, this hand and nail cream softens the hand and cuticles while nourishing the skin, leaving your hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
  • 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil

    Is excellent for the treatment of many skin ailments, such as: blemishes, itchy rashes, psoriasis, flaky scalp, lupus etc. It is safe to use topically/externally for any age group. Pregnant women can use it for stretch marks, and well as tender breasts and nipples when nursing.


Cosmetiq e Vitamin E skin care

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