CompuTainer in Johannesburg

The vision of CompuTainer is to lower new infections rates by affordably providing mass awareness, mass education, mass prevention techniques, mass medication compliance technology, mass supply of status checking kits and mass supply of nutritional supplements.
  • HIV Educational Playing Cards

    CompuTainer has developed a unique concept in raising HIV and AIDS awareness in the workplace, home and community centres. CompuTainer's casino-quality, HIV education playing cards each have custom messages discussing HIV and AIDS topics and issues.
  • CompuTainer HIV Fundraising Bracelet

    CompuTainer is also able to supply in a variety of bracelet designs and colours, as well as other materials such as leather, metals, nylon, and cotton for HIV awareness and fundraising, as well as many other causes.
  • CompuTainer HIV Education Board Games

    Board Games are a great way for people to learn and retain information. At CompuTainer we have found that this is an especially valuable teaching tool when teaching pre-teens and teens about how HIV, AIDS, sex education and how to prevent HIV infection.
  • CompuTainer HIV Pins & Bead Art

    CompuTainer works with many home industry and poverty alleviation projects to ensure the constant demand for their handcrafted bead art and decorative work. Bead art and pins are a great way of promoting awareness for HIV and AIDS, or any other cause. Often these supporting social upliftment projects raise money for the very same causes such as HIV and AIDS.
  • CompuTainer Mass Health Education and Training

    CompuTainer has been involved with bringing high quality digital HIV and AIDS education to governments, corporates and individuals since its inception. With their highly successful Interactive Kiosks and Local Area Network versions of their HIV, AIDS, TB and Malaria content they have successfully provided training to hundreds of thousands of people on critical health topics.
  • CompuTainer Condom Supply

    A critical component of the fight against HIV and AIDS has been safe sex and, hence, condom supply. Although free condoms are distributed by Government, companies tend to join our condom supply and monitoring programmes to ensure continuous supply and availability in the workplace.
  • CompuTainer Condom Marketing

    CompuTainer has recently launched a new concept in HIV and corporate social responsibility. Together with our partners we are able to offer a new form of marketing and social sponsorship responsibility. CompuTainer provide brandable condoms with HIV and AIDS messaging as well as corporate branding.
  • CompuTainer TB & HIV Treatment Compliance

    Our compliance services, set out below, rely on cellular technology to deliver HIV and TB treatment adherence messaging and reminders.
  • CompuTainer HIV and TB Rapid Test Kits

    CompuTainer has once again successfully negotiated favourable pricing for these HIV rapid test kits to allow us to supply direct to end user at an affordable prices. All rapid test kits supplied by CompuTainer are supplied by global companies and developed by internationally approved biotech companies. Further, CompuTainer will only supply HIV Rapid Test Kits to organisations providing pre and post counseling.
  • CompuTainer Nutrition

    CompuTainer has researched over 47 nutrition supplement companies in Africa. We eliminated many companies and products based on misleading claims and lack of substantial proof in the use and effect of their nutrition products. However, certain companies were able to introduce us to HIV patients that had seen a reversal of climbing viral loads and a reversal of falling CD4 counts with use of their nutrition products.
  • CompuTainer Personal Protection Plan

    The Personal Protection Plan allows CompuTainer to provide a 24 hour a day, multilingual call centre for access to professional information, professional counselling, post exposure prophylactic antiretrovirals, trauma assistance, as well as post exposure HIV status checking. In addition members have access to legal information relating to labour and HIV issues, dietary requirements relating to HIV and AIDS status, exercise, wellness and lifestyle advice.



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