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CaterWeb is committed to providing the widest range of catering equipment and commercial refrigeration products to the hospitality industry. We review our products and prices to ensure you receive awide selection of reputable brands at competitive prices.
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  • Husky Double Glass Sliding Door Beverage Cooler – 857 Lt

    Specifications Dimension in mm: External (Width) 1140 (Depth) 630 (Height) 2035 (Weight) TBD Internal (Width) 1050 (Depth) 510 (Height) 1600 x 1280 (Weight) TBD Capacity: 500ml PET bottles - TBD330ml CANS - 784 Gross Volume - 857lt
  • Beverage Coolers

    We supply all types of beverage coolers at bargain prices!

  • We Sell Butchery Equipment

    Please contact us for all your butchery requirements. We sell the following: Meat Display Fridges Bandsaws Mincers & Sausage Fillers Portion & Carcass Scales Meat Tenderizers Meat TraysBiltong Slicers Biltong Drying Cabinets Meat & Deli Slicers Meat Hooks Commercial Butcher Knives Please e-mail your inquiry to contact us at 011-334-4227.


CaterWeb - Catering Equipment Supplier
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