C & N Petroleum Equipment (PTY) Ltd in Johannesburg

C & N Petroleum equipment is recognized as a BEE company, as it consists of a female director, a disabled director and 25% black empowerment ownership.

The Petroleum Industry in Africa is our Forte with Quality products imported globally from various countries worldwide.

We are leaders in all fields of the petroleum industry & we offer a wide variety of products to fulfil your needs, such as, Loading Arms, couplers, Adaptors, Petroleum Hoses, Marine Docking applications, Composite Hose, suction and delivery hose, Rail tanker equipment, Lubrication equipment, Aviation equipment, Nozzles, pumps, Battery Kits, Gas Dry-Break Couplings, Agriculture equipment, Chemical transfer equipment.


C & N Petroleum Equipment (PTY) Ltd
hoses, couplers, transfer equipment