Big O Trading 218 CC in Johannesburg

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  • Turn R500000 into more than R2.5 million using Cycle Trends Program

    The Cycle Trends Program is a tool that will take your investing to a hugely profitable level. You can turn R500 000 into more than R2.5 million, remember, the markets are there for all of us to make profit - not just the chosen few. It's created by Issy Bacher who has been a professional trader and market analyst since 1983 and lectured around the world on the techniques of trading and investing in financial markets. Let me assure you right up front: this program isn't aimed specifically at professional investors - it requires virtually no prior knowledge of the markets on your part. All you need to know is in this program.The graphs are simple they tell you what and when to buy or sell. The program includes:1. Complete course CD-ROMa) CD1 - Welcome and Instructionb) CD2 - Theory of Technical Analysis, Trendlines and charting Patternsc) CD3 - Cycle Analysisd) CD4 - Putting the Cycle Trends Program into Practicee) CD5 - Money Managementf) CD6 - Cycle Trends SuperScan & Watch List 2. Complete course Manual 3. Sharenet CD-ROM Remember, the Cycle Trends software does virtually everything for you. Once you've selected the stocks you'd like to monitor, it's literally a case of looking at four boxes - and if they all tally up with a strong trigger, you buy or you sell. It really is as simple as that. Cycle Trends will change your life for the better!


Big O Trading 218 CC

turn r500000 into more than r2.5 million using cycle trends program