Anjelica Designs in Johannesburg

About Us For the past seven years Anjelica Designs has been designing and making customized handmade jewellery. Each intricate piece of jewellery is lovingly made by hand. I draw inspiration from the amazing women I’m blessed to come in contact with, from my surroundings or from within myself. There is something deeply spiritual in doing what you love and in creating from a personal space where inspiration lives and is ever seeking expression of itself. A much deeper life and meaning is given to our purpose. We are passionately committed to creating jewellery that is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We derive a deep sense of satisfaction from our collaboration with ladies on jewellery designs, nothing quite compares with the joy and satisfaction felt when presenting someone with a piece of jewellery created just for them. Customer satisfaction is our priority hence there are guarantees in place to ensure that you are always getting what you want and deserve. Our mission is to express creativity and love for art and designs through our accessories by providing you with a unique piece of jewellery that will complement your own authentic, natural feminine beauty and style whatever the occasion may be. Whether you’re looking for simple or alluring elegance, glamour, sophistication or just something pretty, we’ll always have something for you. Should we not though, you are welcome to have a piece designed that is both unique and what you desire. This flexibility is what makes us different.


Anjelica Designs