Adnitt Plumbing Services in Johannesburg

COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SERVICES*General Plumbing*Leaking Taps & Toilets*Burst Pipes / Geysers*Blocked Drains *Blocked Toilets*Valve Replacements*Burst Geysers* Geyser Repairs & Installations* Electrical Work by Registered Electricians to include:~No Power~Lights & Plugs~No Hot Water~Gate / Pool Motors~Re-wiring* Bathroom Renovations / New Installations * Kitchen Renovations & New Installations* Installation / Repairs of Gutters, Down pipes & Flashings* Carpentry by Oxford degree qualified carpenter
  • Plumbing

    All general plumbing services such as: General Plumbing, Leaking Taps & Toilet, Burst Pipes / Geysers, Blocked Drains, Blocked Toilets,Valve Replacements, Burst Geysers, Geyser Repairs & Installations, Bathroom Renovations / New Installations, Kitchen Renovations & New Installations,Installation / Repairs of Gutters, Down pipes & Flashings,
  • Electrical Work

    Electrical Work by Registered Electricians: *No Power *Lights & Plugs*No Hot Water*Gate / Pool Motors*Re-wiring
  • Carpentry

    Trim carpentry by Oxford (England) Degree Carpenter


Adnitt Plumbing Services

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