abundantlove in Johannesburg

AbundantLove is a company focused on corporate social investment (CSI) projects. We partner with corporates to develop Abundant Love Community Design Centres. These centres deliver the training required to turn recycled plastic, paper, glass and metal into unique gifts and products that meet international design trends and standards.These centers can also be branded by a corporate project sponsor. The product range can also extend to include event and promotional marketing products and corporate gifts that meet the annual requirements of the corporate sponsor. The training starts with the sorting of domestic waste into the various categories.AbundantLove then looks at the local and historical cultural crafts. To ensure that these projects are sustainable, we source retail contracts for the product range.

  • Corporate Social Investment Project Management Specialists

    abundantlove found her voice when the needs and desires of companies to provide innovative and creative solutions that are aligned to social upliftment was combined with those needs for corporate events, gifting and even necessary items. Throughout this process we have the expertise to provide a fresh perspective on your company’s needs.
  • Gift Catalogue

    abundantlove 2 rock life corporate gift catalogue promotes gifts that keep on giving. We source your company’s gifts and promotional elements from existing charities and employment creation projects throughout South Africa. We ensure that communities in need are uplifted, and education is provided while providing your company with necessary elements. This is truly corporate gifting with a conscience.



corporate social investment project management specialists gift catalogue