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space clearing

removes the "unseen" clutter from the building /body and restores the productive, abundant, positive environment that is vital for us to coexist together to manifest the money and harmony that is so important for business and in the home.

Why should you consider space clearing-

At Home:-

  • A sense of unease in certain corner or room
  • Frequent Health problems
  • A drop in energy levels on entering the property or reluctance to spend time there
  • The previous occupants suffered serious health problems, divorce or bankruptcy
  • Difficulty in selling or have just moved into your property or premises

At Office:-

  • Are there high levels of staff absenteeism?
  • Low staff motivation or morale?
  • Is staff experience tiredness, headaches recurring health problems?
  • Was the previous business occupying the premises successful?
  • Is your work space disorganized and cluttered?
  • Sudden drop in business turnover.

Benefits of Space Clearing:-

  • A space clearing and cleansing removes undesirable energy from houses, businesses and property.
  • Obstacles and energetic limitations are removed, balance and harmony are restored.
  • People are cleansed they feel lighter, more confident; they have more energy, are more positive, and find more clarity in their lives.

Drmusa and my team are professional and will treat you with the utmost care and respect.

          Dr musa: " I have been a practicing psychic for the past 5 years and I cannot stress the importance of clearing one's space. It is where our creation takes place in the physical and in the astral (in sleep state). If our sanctuary is not in harmony with us, how are we to co-exist with our loved ones and maintain a healthy state of being? I incorporate a space clearing regime in my household, I recommend the same with all my clients."

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