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Need an Image Consultant? At Limàge we believe that Image is for everyone and our expertise includes Female, Male and Corporate Image.Consultations are designed around real people's image needs. It will enhance your image and ultimately change your life.
  • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image

    Do colour choices make you blue? Receive colour advice and a colour palette to make shopping a breeze.
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
    • Colour's Second Colour - Female Image
  • What to Wear - Female Image

    Wear clothes that fit you and enhance your gorgeous features. Get customised dressing tips that will change your life.
  • Hair Matters - Female Image

    Find out what hair style and hair colour will make you look fabulous!
  • Face Value - Female Image

    Hair and accessories will change your look. Let me show you how.
  • Making Sense of Make-up - Female Image

    This is a practical make-up lesson that makes sense of make-up
  • Colour and Style Reconstruction - Female Image

    It only takes style and colour to turn you into a fashionista! Get the tips from our image consultant so that you look fab.
  • Wardrobe Revival - Female Image

    Ask not what you can do for your wardrobe but what your wardrobe can do for you. Watch an image consultant turn your wardrobe into a flattering, loyal friend.
  • New Beginnings - Female Image

    Need a fresh start? This is your opportunity to take you image to the next level. Enhance your image by changing your hair, style, clothes, accessories and wardrobe and watch your life change for the better.
  • Girls' Night Out - Female Image

    Do you have a special night coming up? Need help with finding a dress and accessories or even make-up for your special night. Give Limàge a call.
  • DIY - Male Image

    We will give you the tools to enhance your image. You simply have to apply it. You will receive advice about your face shape, best colours for you and the best styles of clothes for you.
  • Full House - Male Image

    This is the Rolls Royce of image consulting packages. Not only will I advise which hairstyle, eyewear, colours and clothes styles work best for you based on various analyses but I will also plan a wardrobe for you with your lifestyle in mind.


Limage - Image is for everyone

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