Gallagher Security Management Systems in Jetpark, Boksburg

Gallagher Security Management Systems - a division of the Gallagher Group has been a global leader for 75 years in the design, manufacture and marketing of Cardax access control and intruder alarms systems and PowerFence perimeter security systems. The Gallagher Group is a well established global business with distributors located in over 100 countries across Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific. Gallagher’s advanced PowerFence™ perimeter security systems can be integrated with Cardax FT systems and DVR systems to provide a comprehensive audit trail of events and seamless site security. Gallagher Security Management Systems are used by a range of industries throughout the world including, military, ports, airports, mining, financial institutions, medical facilities, research facilities, government agencies, tertiary institutions, through to smaller commercial sites.Gallagher PowerFence™ systems actively deter would-be intruders and trespassers and detect attackers. The system consists of a grid of electrically pulsed, high tensile, wires that can be constructed inside a new or existing perimeter fence. PowerFence™ systems are non-lethal and, without a doubt, safe; they meet international safety standards. PowerFence™ systems are divided into zones which are individually monitored so that in the event of an attack your security staff or monitoring company can pin-point which zone is affected and respond appropriately. Warning signs are positioned along the fence, providing warning of the hazard of an electric shock if the fence is touched or attacked.


Gallagher Security Management Systems