Fuel Flex Hose & Fittings in Jetpark, Boksburg

Manufacturers of chemical and fuel composite hoses

Suppliers of petroleum products

We do business in South Africa as well as neighbouring countries

We are agents for MannTek and Elaflex

  • Manufacturers of Composite Hoses

    Fuel and Chemical Composite Hoses

    Petroleum Products Suppliers

  • Dry Break Couplings

    Dry Disconnect Coupling: Handling of any liquid, chemicals etc. Used for Railcars, Ship to Shore, Tank Trucks, Chemical plants etc

    Dry Aviation Coupling: Handling of aviation fuel. Used for Dispenser Trucks, Fuel Sampling, Military Installations etc

    Dry Gas Coupling: Designed to handle gas. Sizes ranges from 1" to 3"

    Safety Break Away Coupling: Designed to prevent pull-away accidents when loading or unloading tank trucks, railcars, vessel boats, etc. Sizes ranges from 2" to 8"

  • Camlocks

    Available in: Aluminium, Brass, Polyprop, Stainless Steel

    Sizes: 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4"

  • Gravity Drop Coupler

    4" Fuel Hose Gravity Drop Coupler

    Gravity Drop Coupler with handle

  • Barrets

    Female Barret Coupler

    Barret Converter

    Barret Brass Foot Piece

    Barret Adaptors

  • API Couplings

    API Female Coupler

    API Male Coupler with or wothout handle

  • Bottom Valves

    Bottom Valves

  • Storz Coupling

    Female Coupling with female BSP thread

    Male with hosetail

    Sizes" 1" - 6"

  • Morris Couplings

    Morris Couplings

  • Hoses

    Pharmaceutical Hoses

    PTO Hoses

    Marine Hoses

    Bunkering Hoses

    Bitchumen Hoses

    Cement Hoses

    Mining Hoses

    Food grade suction and discharge hoses

    Air and water hoses

    Pulp and slurry hoses

    Vapour Recovery Hoses


  • Nozzles

    PTO Nozzles

    Automatic Nozzle 20mm & 25mm

    25mm Manual Nozzle

    50mm 2" Free Flow Nozzle

    40mm PTO Nozzle with camlock spout and swivel

    40mm PTO Nozzle with spout and swivel

  • Dust caps and Dust plugs

    Barret Aluminium Dust Cap

    Vapour Dust Cap

    Storz Coupling Dust Cap

    API Dust Cap

    Scully Dust Cap

    Dry Break Dust Cap

    Dry Break Dust Plug

    Gravity Drop Dust Plug

    Dry Break Poly Prop Dust Plug

    Camlock Dust Plug


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Fuel Flex Hose & Fittings
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