LP Unlimited Productions in Irene, Pretoria

LP Unlimited specializes in sound-, stage-, lighting-, structure-, audio-visual-, recording-, editing- and design services - combining state of the art equipment with the expertise of a highly experienced crew in serving a prime national and international clientele. True to a “one stop events excellence”-philosophy, they also offer seamless connections to the crème de la crème in décor-, event registration and –security-, catering-, ticket sales-, pyrotechnics-, guest speaker-, entertainment- and a host of other events services.What makes LP Unlimited truly exceptional? A client orientation in getting things done efficiently, doing things PRO, adapting at the drop of a hat and going beyond the call of duty to make their clients look really, REALLY good…
  • Sound

    PA Systems,JBL Vertec Line Arrays,Backline support,DJ Stations,Microphones,Monitors,
    • Sound
    • Sound
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    • Sound
    • Sound
  • Lighting

    PAR CANS,Martin Moving Lights,Laser,Strobes,Black Lights,Crowd Blinders,Dimmers,Lighting design
  • Stage

    Stage & set design & construction,Moving stages
  • Audiovisual

    Projectors,Screens,LED Daylight Screens,Switches,Presentations,NEW Watchout! system for multiple interconnected screens
  • Structures

    Truss structures,Truss roofs,Custom structure design & construction
  • Decor

    Custom Stretch panels,Draping,Chair & table covers
  • Ticket System

    iTickets: a booking and calendar system for thousands of people
  • Media Studio

    Full HD,Corporate Videos,Sound Recordings,Video Shoots,Music Videos,Sound & Video Editing


LP Unlimited Productions

sound lighting stage audiovisual structures decor ticket system media studio