Lexpro Systems in Irene, Pretoria

Lexpro Systems - a market leader of software for attorneys since 1995. Our programs are tailored to the unique requirements of the legal environment and are proven to streamline legal and accounting administrative processes- saving our clients time and money.

  • Lexpro Accounting

    Functions available in Accounting: -All Trust & Business Transactions (receipts, cheques, fees, journals etc)-Trust and Business Cashbooks-Reconciliation of Cashbooks-Automatic Trust Transfers-Opening of Firm & Client Accounts-Age Analysis of Accounts-Reports on fee writers-Reports on Cashbooks, Vat, Cash flow, Short Trial Balance-Linking Accounts-Monthly statements & Vat Invoices- Many More
  • Litigation & Debt Collection

    Our program is specially designed to be as user friendly as possible so it can be used by not only attorneys, but secretaries, receptionists and debt collectors. The Litigation & Debt collecting package gives you access to more than 250 court document templates as well as letters and more than 60 functions and reports. Special functions: - Complete file history and notes- Immediate debiting of fees- Unique Diary function- Creating court documents: Magistrate & High Court- Wide range of collection reports which can also be exported to Microsoft Excel to amend- Standard documents, letters, actions and fees- Opening files accommodates VAT numbers and complete details- Full link between Accounting and Litigation programs- Individual and group production and productivity can be measured- SMS’s can be sent to clients and are immediately debited- Many More
  • Conveyancing

    Functions available in Conveyancing:-Transport and other documents -Debiting of fees 'as you go' -Diary function -Notes can be made on the files SMS's can be sent from the program -Various reports and searches can be done, including Accounting data
  • Section 74 Administrations

    Functions available in Section 74 Administrations:-Setup and opening of debtor, client & creditor information -Linking of creditors to debtors or to client -Automatic distribution -All Court Documents
  • Receipt and Cheque Printing

    Functions available in Receipt & Cheque Printing:-Print and import receipts -Reconcile receipts with bank deposits -Perform searches-Print cheques -Create reports


Lexpro Systems
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