Kailing Electric co., Ltd. in Huizhou

KLD Guitar is a technical company, founded in 2001. KLD guitar create and develop specialized musical instruments and audio products. Our products range includes all tube guitar amps (Class A tube amp and Classical tube Amps), home recording gear, kits of tube guitar amp etc. All our amplifiers have passed through CE Certification. KLD Guitar is a creative and open- minded company, continuously developing our products and improving our technology level nonstop. All components used by us are selected from Chinese trust suppliers and best quality in china. We insist on combing the western creative engineer's design with Chinese highest quality components at lower cost, We hope manufacture affordable and high quality tube amp amplifiers. KLD Guitar now cooperated with New Zealand, and Canadian manufactures to develop new series of tube amplifiers. Through this co-operation, our business partners expand their producing capability, KLD Guitar can take advantage of the newest audio technologies, our customers have more productions selection, it ensure the productions quality and reduce the cost of shipment. KLD Guitar hope more OEM and ODM business's join us and building long and stable business relationships, These relationships are a primary goal as we are, KLD Guitar believe in mutual success with all our trading partners. Please feel free to contact KLD Guitar. Our partners are creative and experience business people in electric guitar. They design these great products. These are very perfect things for guitarists. We are responsible for production using Chinese best quality components. So we can provide high quality products in affordable price. Customers want to order our partner's productions, please contact with them. We arrange the production and shipment. If customers order our products same time, It will reduce the cost of shipment largely. It is a new business union, through this union, the costs of production and shipments are reduced, more chance to show your products, the more products are provided. We hope this union can make all people win.


Kailing Electric co., Ltd.
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