NETCOMTECH in Honeydew

Netcomtech is a total ICS (Information, Communications and Solutions) company specialising in Networking, Solutions & Communication. We serve both corporate and home clients on all computer hardware, software and security solutions. We commit ourselves to maximising our client's performance, through listening to their thoughts, their ideas and their dreams and by putting this all together we design and implement a solution that will perform beyond the client's expectations.
  • Server Support

    We do server support for all MS Server based products and specialise in consulting for small and medium businesses.
  • Networking

    Network LAN, WAN and VPN configurations and setup.
  • Integrations

    Our integration services combine the people, technology and services required to plan and implement high-speed connectivity solutions that's designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Cabling

    Cabling systems represent the lifelines in our era - they serve to transmit a wide range of information such as data, voice, images and much more.



server support networking integrations cabling