Wine Tours of Hermanus in Hermanus

Hermanus Wine Region offers 15 great wineries, 10 fab tasting rooms and over 80 award winning wines for your sample and 4 great restaurants all set in stunning scenery.

One Winery up our valley actually won THE wine of THE year of South Africa against 6500 other wines in 2008, so we are privileged to have that winery available for you to visit too.

As well as, the new John Platter 2012 wine book just awarded 3 local Hermanus wines with the highest accolade of them all - 5 stars - this highest score was only awarded to 45 wines out of the 7000 wines produced in SA last year - so we are very happy about this incredible achievement by 3 of our Hermanus producers.

Percy Tours has also been recognised and recommended by John Platter as a local Wine Tour Guide of Hermanus (the only one listed for Hermanus), with a listing on page 68 of the new 2012 book and they also placing a write-up on their website too -

We offer 2 hour tours - up to - full day tours (about 6 to 8 hours) of this region.

We collect you door-to-door and supply - a luxury air-con brand new minibus with Chauffeur Tour Guide (usually me J) who has also completed wine course exams with the Cape Wine Academy, so that we can discuss all sorts of aspects regarding wine, its history, vine and grape growing procedures, cellars, bottling, corks, barrels, exports and much more…….while you slowly sip each wine.

We also supply a large cooler box of ice-cold soft drinks (free of charge), pay for all your wine tasting fees at each winery, box of crackers to cleanse your palates between tastings, John Platter wine book so we can see what the experts have to say about each wine you taste and many more comforts on board…..

Check our website for loads of info -

  • Wine Tours of Hermanus wine regions

    Hermanus offer over 50 wine estates and over 300 award winning wines for you to sample.

    Check out our website of loads of info -

    • Wine Tours of Hermanus wine regions
    • Wine Tours of Hermanus wine regions
    • Wine Tours of Hermanus wine regions
    • Wine Tours of Hermanus wine regions


Wine Tours of Hermanus
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