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Access our Low Cost Web Design Package that packs a punch with a business site + mobile site + Facebook Business Page at only R2399. Includes Free (or .com) domain registration plus free hosting for first 12 months. Discover in these few lines why you need our web design package. The way people search for and shop online has changed dramatically, and continues to change in 2011 While it may still be advisable to have a presence in local newspaper ads and classifieds, this form of advertising for small business has dropped to 4 th place in the overall advertising standings. What does that mean to my small business? Simple People are primarily turning online (internet) for information and use search engins to find what they are looking for. Thus owning a buisness website has become priority for long tern survival and growing a business. It really does not matter what your enterprise does. Owning a website is only part of the picture. More people in Africa have access to cell phones that people who have access to clean drinking water. While Mom waits at the Dentist she remembers the problem with the dishwasher. What does she do? She takes out her iPhone or Blackberry (Most desired mobile brand in South Afrifa) and queries Yahoo or Google, who may, in 40-50% of occations, present an optimized local business Place or mobile site. While definitive stats are not as freely available as those for the US or UK, it is an accepted fact that mobile searches will pretty much overtake serches from PC’s within the next 6-8 months. Google recently issued a directive to online advertisers to the effect that their sites need to be Mobile Optimized. The buzz within the industry after Google’s acquisition of Motorola, is that preference will most likely be given, particularly for local based searches, to serve mobile enabled sites where the request for information eminates from a mobile device, Makes you think…. Our package integrates a mobile version where you can choose what you want to display. Mobile sites are by design limited due to device limitations and seldom contain all the information as it appears on your site. In conclusion, customers expect to find your page on Facebook. Are you depriving your business of this valuable resource which is currently the most visited site among South Africans? Our Package includes a custom Face Book Page Limited time, Get yours now.

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    Full Low Cost Web Design Package aimed at small and local businesses that includes all current online components including a mobile site



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