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Professional CV Righter / Writer in Goodwood, Cape Town

A CV is only "good" if it works…if it fulfills its purpose of marketing your skills and expertise. If you are receiving calls and emails because recruiters/employers have seen your CV, then you havea good CV that works for you.
WARNING! A bad CV can be hazardous to your wealth!
  • Executive CV / Profiles

    Branding yourself -online and off - is all important. It also serves as your most powerful advocate throughout the entire interviewing process.
  • Experienced workers CV

    Make sure that your skills and attributes are clearly shown so that you stand a better chance of being invited to the interview.

  • Management Professionals

    A management CV is so much more than a record of information. It should be a compelling profile of both you and your 'offer' - a purposeful sales document to eclipse others in the pile.
  • Cover letter

    Don't let your CV go naked, a cover letter gives you a chance to speak to the recruiter.

  • Entry level CV

    Your first CV will set the tone for all future actions. You can start with a bang or you can be one of the people who are left behind.
  • Business Profile

    A business profile is the initial information a client or customer receives to gain an accurate understanding of what your company stands for, what you can do for them and which employee to contactwhen they need specific assistance.
  • LinkedIn Profile

    Make sure that your LinkedIn profile fits in with your professional CV as this is a very real online presence and you cannot afford to miss a chance to impress.


Professional CV Righter / Writer
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