Nuwkem Hygiene Solutions in Germiston

Nuwkem Hygiene Solutions, specialises in washroom hygiene services and outright sales, i.e sanitary bin services, fragrance dispensers, seat sanitisers and hand drying solutions as well as general and specialised cleaning detergents and equipment.

  • Hygiene

    WASHROOM HYGIENEOur Aim is to supply quality products and services to achieve better hygienic standards at the work place.The products that we use, all have extensive guarantees and have proven themselves time and again to be the absolute best on the market, with minimal or no come backs.We provide the following services:The sanitation of the toilets, urinals by using Auto Janitorial and sanitiser dispensers. The supply of electric hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, toilet roll holders, hand lotion dispensers and waste bins.Compact odour control system with Microburst technology for washrooms that are, always fresh and always odour free.Sanitary bin services All of the washroom hygiene units are also available on outright purchase.CLEANING EQUIPMENTThese are cleaning machines and housekeeping trolleys used in all cleaning areas. We also supply all of the day-to-day cleaning equipment that is used in general cleaning, from mops to brooms, to gloves and cloths


Nuwkem Hygiene Solutions