ORPSA in George

We are the direct supplier of D5 (500ppm) dieselYou can uplift at any depot throughout South Africa on the national grid.Don't expect to pay R1.00 and R1.50 below the grid price, but be sure that you will get diesel at a legit price regulated by the DME and lower than you would have paid directly from the refinery. No other supplier will offer you up to 2 trial runs to proof our professional service and our genuine offer. We will give you a verification number to verify that the diesel is at the depot of your choice, once you have verified the diesel, you will make a EFT to our attorneys trust account and you will then be able to uplift your diesel.Be careful, there is many agents and companies out there promising diesel at ridiculous low prices, when it is too good to be true it is 99,999% the case.Our prices are structured according to quantities. You can reach us by land line, cell phone and we don't make use of gmail and yahoo e-mail addresses. We have offices you can visit and we believe in transparency.If you are a serious buyer, then contact us, don't waste our time and we promise to not waste your time.We require a NCNDA, LOI and Soft Pro.Once we have received these documents you will receive a Soft Offer and we can start with negotiations.Our process is not negotiable!!For more info e-mail us at david@orpsa.co.za or contact us on 0824163647
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    We supply 500ppm diesel in bulk to bulk buyers. Minimum order 1 million liters per month. Our prices will be less than what you would have paid at the refinery because we buy in bulk. We are serious about what we do. We are a registered wholesaler with a DME license. Through Service We Grow
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