Bam+Boo Baby Products in George

Bam+Boo sells and high quality range of reusable nappies and other eco friendly baby products.They are easy to use, save thousands and are much better for the environment that disposables.
  • Bamboo nappies

    One size fits all, reusable nappies. They are easy to use, wash and clean. Saving you thousands compared to disposables.
  • Bamboo wipes

    Made from soft, environmentally friendly bamboo. These wipes can be used as facecloths or as an alternative to disposable baby wipes.
  • Bamboo bibs

    These bibs are made with environmental friendly bamboo toweling making them super absorbent as well as very soft and comfortable.


Bam+Boo Baby Products

bamboo nappies bamboo wipes bamboo bibs