WakeUp with MakeUp in Gauteng

WakeUp with MakeUp  - Semi-Permanent Make-up by Cecilia

"Permanent make-up should enhance your features leaving you looking natural and still beautiful..."

My Training: Qualified & Trained in SA, Spain, UK, Germany and USA.

I am able to quickly understand your concerns and fears you may have about permanent make up and will advise you what will work best to emphasize your features and personality.

There are selected few professionals that have both technical and artistry expertise.

MY QUALITIES: Experience, patience, an eye for detail and perfection, a steady hand, honesty, being in the beauty industry for many years and the driving desire to perform every procedure with excellence.

I have over 13 years of experience. 8 years I worked overseas working with celebrities and people like you and me.

Imagine having perfect eyebrows, eyeliner and beautiful lips all day and everyday without having to worry about your eyeliner, lipliner or eyebrow pencil smearing and fading & reapplying make-up during your busy day.

The key to achieve a natural look with permanent make up rests primarily on the technician´s artistic talent, which can only be achieved through many years fo experience with different facial forms, skin types, skin colours and colour pigments.

Come and experience micropigmentation using the latest techniques, technology and highest quality European pigments that are more stabe, long-lasting and predictable.


  • Active and sports people (swimming, sauna, etc)
  • Have vision problems that cause difficulty when applying make-up.
  • Suffer from allergies or arthritis which makes it difficult for the application of make-up.
  • Have a complete or partial loss of eyebrows caused by overplucking, age, alopecia, hyperthyroidism, chemotherapy treatment or other conditions.
  • Want fuller looking lips, nice shaped eyebrows, have the ilusion of fuller eyelashes and more defined eyes.
  • After breast augmentation or mastectomy want to reconstruct the areolas.


  • It is a procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin.
  • Beginning with dozens of basic pigment shades, almost any colour can be mixed to complement natural skin tones. I will work with you, discussing your preferences and making suggestions to help perfect your final look.
  • In less than hour you can have stunning, waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner, lip liner, lip shading colour or a brow with hair simulation to make it look more natural.
  • The pigment will fade over time although it may not disappear forever. Some technicians will quote 2/5 years when in actual fact there is no guarantee as each individual will react differently, lifestyle plays a major role and also the pigment used.
  • The aftercare advise is an important part of maintaining the effects of your make-up.
  • The factors that affect the permanent make-up will depend on sun exposure, skin regeneration, skin type and colour choice.



WakeUp with MakeUp