STING Protection in Gauteng

Crime and all it’s facets has inhibited economic growth and has impacted severely on the reputation of our day to day tasks. On analysis, one can safely assume that the root causes of crime in our society, the lack of state structures to cope with crime has irreversibly created a market for private sector security and investigations.Selecting a professional service on its own is difficult; selecting a security specialist becomes even more of a difficult task. If you are looking at protecting your assets, property and person S.T.I.N.G Protection can provide you with those servicesOur highly trained staff will assure that you receive piece of mind while we ensure that your valuables are safe and secure
  • Bodyguards

    Bodyguards or bodyguarding is no longer the privilege and domain of governments and the wealthy. Bodyguards are also known as close protection, executive protection, VIP protection or personal security details (PSD). The need for professional bodyguarding and security services are becoming common at every level of the social and business strata
    • Bodyguards
    • Bodyguards
    • Bodyguards
  • Private Investigators

    Private investigators at S.T.I.N.G, and our supporting group of forensic experts, counterintelligence agents, and legal information specialists consistently get results- for all types of clients. Each member of our staff is trained and experienced and works for you in Client Services Groups specializing in most areas of private investigations. Each of these units are available using our 24 hour rapid response operations -- these men and women are dedicated and ready to help you. You are not relying on one person, but rather a team of highly-credentialed experts. Our efficiency and teamwork saves you times and keeps integrity in the case process. Many of our agents are members and are cultural-, national-, and gender-diverse. All must clear a thorough background check prior to employment and a subject to relentless integrity testing.
  • Training

    S.T.I.N.G has opened a new training academy that will boast with high standards in training in the security industry. We have highly trained and experience instructors specializing in the different field.Our courses will be as follow:Close Protection Officers (CPO) Personal Security Detail (PSD) Security Guards Basic – Advanced Abseiling Basic – Advanced Navigation Advanced Driving Tactical Driving Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Self Defence For more information on our course please feel free to contact us
  • SpyCell

    Ever wanted to know what your loved ones are doing during the day. With our new CellSpy Software you can now monitor their activity. Read their SMS, Emails and see who they call. Event tap into the phone and listen to surrounding sounds


STING Protection

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