PT Risk Management (Pty) Ltd. in Gauteng

Risk Management and security in any home or business venture, is no longer an afterthought. It is an integral component in the design and structure of all operations today; an investment into the current and future protection of your home, new developments and projects. With this growing global need for security and risk management, the men of Pheza Terblanche Risk Management (Pty) Ltd. has become one of the elite high risk management product and personal protection service consultants in the Middle East and India regions. We want now, as a proudly South African Company, to bring back the knowledge and experience of working in high risk countries i.e. Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, East Timor and Sudan, to protect our own clients in our own home country. Pheza Terblanche Risk Management offers a variety of products from perimeter, building, and personnel security to fulfill any defensive needs - to include anything from anti-intrusion to anti-terrorism. Choosing the right system or service will protect your new developments against security incidents as well as reduce the cost and disruption should one take place. This will maximize protection and minimize risk. Striving to integrate risk management into home and business is one of the reasons PRMC enjoys so much success today. We are risk management and protection specialists with the expertise to meet all challenges while demonstrating a unique ability to assess individual situations in order to implement appropriate risk management and security measures in a professional and tactful manner. We develop, implement, and manage comprehensive programs that address specific security needs after a thorough risk and vulnerability analysis were conducted to protect life and wealth (i.e. property, assets and possessions). All our Risk Management Consultants are able to control personal fear, apprehension, and emotion through self-discipline. Personal attributes include natural leadership, loyalty, integrity, and “old-fashioned” reliability. Safety is emphasized at all times with excellent judgment, discretion and diplomacy. We are available for short or long term assignments and can travel anywhere. We at Pheza Terblanche Risk Management (Pty) Ltd. are interested in becoming your preferred Risk Management Company. On your reply we will contact you and arrange a place and time to come and meet you first, asses you risk and security management problems and then we can negotiate services and costing. You will also receive a personal guarantee, undersigned by all the directors, that all your information will be kept top secret and, there is a second guarantee that stipulates no other risk management company or security service will be able to offer to you for the same price the same value and service that we can offer you. We want to work with you; you need people like us working with you, whose operating procedures remain relevant in our changing and volatile socio-economic environment. We are focused on your needs!


PT Risk Management (Pty) Ltd.

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