Pioneer Floor Heating in Gauteng

Pioneer Floor Heating in conjunction with our supplier is equipped with 45 years of experience in the manufacture of heating systems, assembly/sub-assembly of floor heating units, coupled with a superior and professional installation of floor heating systems, to give you the true floor heating experience every time.

Offering over 50 models of a professionally manufactured E.T.F.E coated heating system for your solution! Based on world class technology, comfort and value which is guaranteed to bring you years of satisfied use.

  • Carpet Heating

    Pioneer carpet heating systems are super strong and easy to install the E.T.F.E coated; heating element is professionally secured between a triple layer of aluminium sheath, incorporating a polyethylene reinforced centre for waterproofing, flexibility and super strength. Pioneer carpet heaters are fitted standard with 6M (flat) supply cable ensuring no lumps or bumps under your warm feet.
  • Tile/Wood/Vinyl/Cemcrete Surface Heating

    Pioneer tile/wood/vinyl/cemcrete surface heating systems range from 150 Watt to 3000 Watt with various outputs per square meter for your solution.Tile heating units check into pre-assembly safety and quality assurance before installation, to ensure error free installation and equal floor temperatures are reached every time, first time.Pioneer offer a range of both analogue and digital thermostats
  • Heating Element

    Pioneer offers you a range of technologically advanced multi strand elements which conforms to the highest quality standards, a suitable and safe design for each applicationAll products distributed and installed are serviced and backed up both nationally and internationally with stringent safety procedures at all levels of manufacturing and assembly.
  • COMFORT Summary

    A Pioneer floor heating system is not simply an appliance like a fan or column heater, but rather, a climate control system which intelligently manages comfort levels. Highly configurable, homeowners can finely tune operating behaviors and running schedules to create the perfect environment for their families - constantly monitored and maintained in the most energy efficient way possible.Every home, family and lifestyle is unique, making comfort a very personal and relative concept. With this in mind, Pioneer has designed a uniquely flexible and versatile floor heating system which can be customised to suit any requirement.Pioneer understands that genuine comfort management and control cannot come from simply filling a room with hot air such as in the case with heat pumps and air conditioners. Rather, to create truly warm and inviting spaces, a heating system (radiant, of course) needs to work automatically, responsively and as energy efficiently as possible to balance temperatures, manage fluctuations and deliver outstanding value-for-money.


Pioneer Floor Heating

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