Matrix Outdoor Blinds in Gauteng

Matrix Outdoor Blinds are the largest manufacturer of outdoor blinds and awnings in SA operating since 1998. We enclose patios, lapas and commercial structures. Our service and quality of our products cannot be beaten and we offer the widest variety in the industry. Please visit our extensive website for any info and questions you may have on the subject.
  • outdoor pvc canvas blinds

    Outdoor blinds, pvc blinds,canvas blinds are part of the extensive variety of awnings that we do.We enclose lapas, patios and restuarants. We also offer the unique cafe blinds system.
  • cafe outdoor blinds

    Cafe blinds are a unique totally clear pvc blind made from a very thick and durable pvc material.
  • outdoor blinds

    A practical and cost effective way of closing your entertainment area. Made of high quality pvc, ripstop canvas, solstis and sunworker dicksons materials.


Matrix Outdoor Blinds

outdoor pvc canvas blinds cafe outdoor blinds outdoor blinds