Independent Security Consultants SA in Gauteng

Are you aware of all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your security system that create an opportunity for a crime to occur. By conducting a Security Risk Assessment we will provide you withthis knowledge as well as the necessary solutions and Security Plan to enable you to effectively and proactively prevent a crime from occurring at your property.
Independent Security Risk Assessment & Threat Analysis
  • Security Risk Assessment

    Be in control of your security by having an independent physical security risk assessment conducted on your property. All vulnerabilities and threats will be positively identified which allows you totake the necessary precautions in becoming a victim of a crime. ALWINCO Always In Control
  • Security Awareness Training

    Did you know you can increase your overall security status through your staff members. All that is required is the correct training and a change in attitude towards crime and security. SecurityAwareness could be the defining factor in preventing a crime before it occurs. Training offered Nationwide. We provide Security Risk Assessments too
  • Vital Document: The Security Risk Assessment (per quotation)

    The Security Risk Assessment is too often confused with the Health & Safety Report. These are not the same as one deals with the probability and is required by law. The other, the Security RiskAssessment, deals with the opportunity created within your physical security for a crime to be committed. Without the Security Risk Assessment Document in hand you do not have security, nor a solidfoundation on which to plan your security on into the future.
    • Vital Document: The Security Risk Assessment


Independent Security Consultants SA
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