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FF News: Footprints, 'Welcomes You,' 2010/05/03 06:30Karma: 1 Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that invests in internet media, print media, text media, film and distribution. The company was originally created by Omar Abdulla to become a leading f i l m production company that PROMOTES Indo-Asians of South Africa to the world.The company Footprints Filmworks specializes in advertising for major corporations and leading media personalities. The company currently owns 500 000 websites both locally and internationally. The company has currently produced two films; "The PrinCe of her Dreams" and "Footprints in Laudium." Footprints Filmworks was rated the fastest growing company in South Africa in 2010, and rated the 18th Biggest Company in the world.So how can the footprints team be an asset to you as an investor in our business.??The company Footprints Filmworks has established a total viewership of twenty two billion in the last e i g h t years of operation. Our team specializes in providing the advertiser with Maximum results. We offer specialized packages including Billboard, Newspaper, Website and Email advertising. Our Feature Film "Footprints in South Africa," is only open to persons whom we contact directly.The company currently has one billion issued shares at a par value of R8100.00 per share. Our "Sharetrading Sites" gives investors an opportunity to trade our share (FFF) with a minimum investment of R500000000.00 (five billion rand only). Our footprints team is led by Administration Manager Akber Abdulla, with his over forty years knowledge and experience. Akber Abdulla,(67) is backed up by his powerhouse sons Omar Abdulla (26) and Sikander Abdulla (25) . Both these personalities "Mix and Match," to provide the investor with maximum results. The footprints team extends to beyond South African borders including countries United States, China, England, Zimbabwe ,Spain, Germany, India, and Portugal. Our "Small Enterprise," currently has more than 100000000-00 Introducing Brokers (One hundred million)and 447000.00 (four hundred and forty seven thousand,) permanent staff worldwide."To fear love is to fear life itself"--Mall's Insurance Brokers"Perhaps the time has come to global empowernment"- Jonathan Ackerman"The one who laughs last, is the real Joker"- Michael Jackson"Money is the greatest form of energy, motivation, joy and altitude."- Farida AbdullaOur Vision has always been leading our local communities with awesome finesse, stunning style, hot new ideas and "The Magical Element". Our team of professions provides the investor with knowledge and expertise to produce greater results for a better community. Our 24 percent shareholding in eight major newspapers allows us to motivate "The Greater Community" for the greater good.When it comes to results Footprints Filmworks has always achieved beyond the 80 percent mark. Our goal of listing Footprints Filmworks on all major stock exchanges will take place in 2015. In the meantime, please feel free to browse our 500 000. 00 websites or "Sharetrading Sites."Our direct contact numbers can be found by calling (012) 370 3469 or (012) 370 1984. Please visit discussion board for other offices of Footprints Filmworks.SO, What happens when you invest with Footprints??When an investor or advertiser invests with Footprints Filmworks we link him/her up with the latest technology of information including FF News, Today's Times, Stock Today and Daily Sun. The personality can choose to advertise with us or can choose to use his/her coupon to trade FFF shares. Kindly read annextures in other sections on this website to see HOW an investor can WIN or LOOSE coupon points. The coupon points enable the invester to gain maximum leverage should he/she reach a certain limit.An Example, a company Laudium Sun chooses to invest with us R500000000.00(five billion rand only.) The companies director would receive 10 000 shares of Footprints Filmworks (FFF) or 10 000 coupons. Should the investor choose to keep his/her shares and Watch the share price on our websites, he/she would realise, if he/she is producing a profit or loss with the (FFF) share. Perhaps if the investor chose to advertise with us for six months, this coupon would fall away by 40 percent, and the investor would only hold 6000 shares. If the investor chooses to advertise with us for one month, the investor would have 2000.00 less shares from his/her allocated 10 000 shares.Please Dubby Trade our shares (FFF) to learn the basics, of what this mumbo jumbo is all about.If a viewer on our Footprints Filmworks website chooses not to partake in any venture of our's, but chooses to advise us with input, kindly contact us as well, as we believe in "The Attitude of Change".This is a free website to all communities of the world, so please join in on our world of love, passion, drama, business, news, education, media and entertainment."So, why did the the teacher wear sunglasses to university; because she had bright students"-------------------The Footprints University-----------


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