Deco Box in Gauteng

Welcome to Deco Box Deco Box specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of custom made MDF & Pine boxes. Our products are used by some of the leading wineries, hotels and used for customised corporate and hospitality gifts. In addition to the manufacturing of our products we also laser print & engrave on a variety of surfaces; from Wood, Glass, Leather, Perspex, MDF, Stainless Steel, Plastic and almost any other surface. We also print or engrave on curved surfaces; ideal for flasks, coffee mugs etc. We are also able to spray or paint our boxes. We can use a stain or paint to ensure you achieve the look you want and need.

  • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks

    We manufacture Custom made Laser engraved wine boxes for export and promotions etc.
    • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks
    • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks
    • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks
    • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks
    • Wine Boxes & Wine Racks
  • Promotional Gifts

    We can supply laser engraved memory stics, pens, key rings, book covers, waiters friends, wooden boxes, wine boxes, wine rates, perspex, glass, leather etc.
  • Export Boxes & Crates

    We manufacture custom made wine & liquer crates & boxes for export and transportation purposes. All boxes/crates can be branded with laser engraved logo's or screen printed logo's etc.
  • Custom made boxes.

    We manufacture custom made boxes from MDF & PINE to your specification for promotions, corporate gifts and export. All products/boxes can be branded with laser engraved logo's etc.
  • Vinyl Covered Boxes

    We have a wide selection of beautiful vinyl materials that you can choose to cover any of your custom made MDF or Pine boxes. Allot of these products are used for the Hospitality Industry, like waste bins trays, Tissue boxes etc. Choose your box and Vinyl, even wall papers if you like and we'll make it for you.
  • Custom Painted Boxes & with laser engraved Logo's!

    Choose your custom made box and paint colour! We have a professional spray-pianter that can custom paint your boxes any colour of the rainbow, matt finishes, satin finishes or high gloss finishes. then if you like you can then laser engrave any Logo or phrase onto your boxes for promotional packaging etc. Brand you boxes for export!!


Deco Box

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