Debtcor Debt Counselling in Gauteng

DEBTCOR debt counselling offers a debt counseling service, where we offer HELP to clients struggling to meet their full monthly debt repayments. We help over-indebted clients restructure his/her total debt obligations in a way which is affordable to him/her as assessed by the debt counselor.The debt counselor performs the debt review process, prepare a restructure plan for client and then propose this to their credit providers. Our well-organized admin team will notify all your credit providers that you have applied for debt review. The Debt counselor will then negotiate a restructuring plan with all your credit providers and then obtain a consent order from court to start paying debts as agreed by all parties involved. If credit provider disagrees with restructure plan and cannot propose a reasonable counter-offer, then the case will be referred to a magistrate’s/tribunal court and our attorneys’ will defend your matter in court. The entire process should take up to 60 business days.The negotiations and debt restructuring will be based upon clients own individual circumstances and what he/she can afford to pay each month. Client will be required to pay the amount in terms of the new debt repayment plan to the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) every month until all their debts are settled or their financial situation changes where they are able to manage their own debts again. Once this occurs we then send our clients a Clearance Certificate and they are able to get credit again.
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    We provide debt counselling and debt consolidation servies. By talking to us your debt problems will be a thing of the past.


Debtcor Debt Counselling

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