Dan the Building Man in Gauteng

Dan the Building Man As short and ominous as the name sounds, DTBM acts solely as a project manager within the residential construction industry serving the interests of the client and its stakeholders. DTBM’s main functions serve as such; • To manage the clients expectations with regards to achieving the desired result within budget, on time and with no hidden surprises • To ensure all operations relating to the construction of the project are kept as simple and understandable as possible • To incorporate all available professionals assistance as needed thereby negating any short-cuts or illegal building activity DTBM achieves these functions via; • Having close to 10 years building experience within the residential market from entry level homes to the upper wealthiest market and being enrolled with the NHBRC • After paying ‘school fees’ during the first few years, having identified the most reliable and service efficient sub-contractors and finishing suppliers to create an expectation meeting result • Having understood the simple processes involved in building, one doesn’t make the building process any more difficult than what it is perceived to be • Being pro-active and forward planning ahead to prevent delays or the unexpected surprise • Having attainable milestones set for all stakeholders involved in the construction process and keeping all stakeholders up to date and informed of the processes at hand, to come and what expectation to achieve • Ultimately not being the eternal optimist as most building entities play themselves out to be but by being realistic to the task at hand • Ensuring site meetings are held regularly with both the client and other professionals involved DTBM differentiates itself from most other building entities by; • Taking on projects that are manageable and within its scope of expertise • By understanding its own limitations and not creating unrealistic expectations • By allowing the client to dictate the rate of progress due to the clients own financial commitments • By offering a detailed bill of quantities that shows all materials at cost price • By involving the client to be a part of their investment and not just a funder without choices • By being flexible in charging only a project management fee and not having hidden rebates with sub-contractors and suppliers which pushes the total cost above the client’s means DTBM tries to push the K.I.S.S. envelope right to the end – keeping it simple stupid.


Dan the Building Man

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