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Colourworks International in Gauteng

Ronél Jacobs is the Principal and Franchise Owner of Colourworks International, Image Consultants Training Academy in Gauteng. As a qualified trainer, image coach and corporate image trainer, she empowers and inspires women, their families, businesses and corporations to achieve increased professionalism and success through image. Her expertise in training and coaching has motivated individuals, both professional and new image consultants to be more effective and successful in the way they dress, act and project to the outside world, giving them confidence and to create more satisfaction in their lives and businesses. She has trained professional consultants such as Samantha Butler from Glam Guru and has done Fashion Forecasts for APICSA and now for Colourworks International Gauteng.With her masters in image consulting, which she obtained from ColourWorks International in Singapore, Ronel also has accolades in the beauty world, being a finalist and second runner up in the Mrs. Modern Woman 2008 pageant. She was a finalist and Mrs. Style award winner at the Mrs. United Nations SA 2007 pageant. In 2008 she judged at the Mrs. United Nations 2008, style- and modelling and grace awards. She also judged at the Singapore Fair Lady 2008 pageant. Ronél is also the president and co-founder of the APICSA association (Association of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa).Being a community builder, she is not shy to make use of her internationally obtained knowledge in both Future Health and Image Consulting, to make a difference.With her passion for beauty, image and fashion and social upliftment for woman, she presents complimentary training on first impression, communications and interview skills to the unemployed women in her community. Ronél knows that “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries or the way she combs her hair, the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides” – Audrey Hepburn In 2008 the Ekurhuleni Business Initiative appoints her as their Executive Social Development Manager.With her background in the business arena, Ronel has a personal passion to assist businesses in raising the bottom line, by focusing on the image at work. She addresses important areas such as etiquette, people skills and first impression, all vital to the people assets of any company.The list of accomplishments of this business woman is not only impressive, but also reassuring. In the quick fix world we live in, the truth and steadfastness of this remarkable woman is a watermark of ethics and the day to day activities she promotes and lives by.
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    IMAGE, COLOUR & MAKE-UP 1.This history of the 'Image Industry' 2.Colour background 3.The concepts of Colour Analysis 4.Comparative draping (cool and warm) 5.The seasonal concept - Summer, Winter, Winter Dusk, Autumn, Autumn Vivid and Spring 6.Face shapes 7.Rules for eyewear 8.The history of hair colour 9.Hair types and styles10.Make-up training PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT1.Corporate culture; 2.Business dress; 3.Body language; 4.Communication skills including voice modulation; 5.Telephone and cellphone etiquette; 6.Basic presentation skills; 7.Presenting yourself; 8.Table manners; 9.Business plan and opportunities; 10.Your brand name and mission statement. FASHION STYLIST1.Personality dress; 2.The four generations including the history of fashion in the last Millennium and the Boomers Vs. the Dot Commers; 3.Wardrobe planning; 4.The home visit Vs. the office consultation; 5.The travel wardrobe, airport culture and packing; 6.Shopping guidelines; 7.8 hour dressing (how to go from work to a cocktail party in the same outfit); 8.The effective use of accessories 9.Personal ShopperBODY LINE & STYLE1.Identifying the clients body shape 2.Rules for selecting flattering wardrobe items, according to body shape 3.Garment lines 4.Garment construction and the implications of colour, texture, scale and proportion 5.Rules for selecting flattering necklines according to body structure and size 6.The correct measurements and sizing for undergarments 7.Selecting the correcting style and colour of undergarments according requirements of a garment 8.Fabric selection 9.Rules for the selection of swimwear according to body type


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