Clowning Around in Gauteng

Zimbo the Clown is a kids entertainer who can put on a show. The master of kids parties, Zimbo can do almost everything. Magic shows will dazzle and balloon sculpting will please all ages. You will not be disappointed

  • Magic Shows

    Zimbo can put on a fantastic magic show for ages 4-9. This is a 30min Show and is part of the 1hr or more packages
    • Magic Shows
  • Balloon Sculpting

    Mr Clown... can you make a bicycle? .... um of course! I can also make you a Harley Davidson or any other balloon you wish
  • Face Painting

    Zimbo is an expert artist that keeps up to date with the latest trends
  • Giant Bubble Show

    Whats the biggest bubble you have ever seen. Zimbo can make some really huge bubbles. This is a hit amongst the smaller kids


Clowning Around

magic shows balloon sculpting face painting giant bubble show