BSi Steel Ltd in Gauteng

BSi Steel's corporate office is located in the city of Johannesburg in the South African province of Gauteng. The company's primary product range consists of mild (carbon) steel in all its different forms.The different trading styles within the groupGeneral MerchantsThe merchants offer a "just-in-time" service to a diverse customer base. These businesses generally cover the full product range. Service and ease of doing business is their core focus. Cash and CarryIn some cases, our merchant branches will also offer cash and carry facility to the smaller customer where speed of service is critical.Bulk SalesHere, a more focused trading style is required, where volume and price is key to its success. Generally, these operations have a narrower product range specific to the customers' needs. Read more ...African ExportsThe BSi Steel Group continues to expand and thrive in Africa, supported and driven by an empowered workforce that takes pride in exceeding customer expectations. ProcessingThe group has a processing facility with first stage processing as its primary focus. This business caters to the needs of all in-group divisions, as well as external customers.


BSi Steel Ltd