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For many years I’ve wanted to be my own boss. After many years of working in a corporate environment, I always wanted financial freedom and found it in direct selling!


Not necessarily door-to-door, but via technology, family, friends, word of mouth, friends in organizations that can spread your fabulous business venture and increase your client base!


This market can be tough/slow, but I’ve persevered and have won many awards over the years excelling in my business ventures.


And now I want to share my dream with you.  I needed to be free from the corporate world, spend more time with my boys, & that’s when I had a “light bulb” moment!


If I feel this way, and look at all my friends selling anything to everything to supplement their pathetic salary they get paid in an ever inflation increase, I decided to offer my services for all those already in the direct marketing field and any or all other home-based business opportunities. Especially for those who have not sufficient funds to advertise or even have access to the necessary technology, thereby disabling them from putting their mark in the industry they’ve decided to pursue.


It’s very important to me to help where I can as many are trying and failing with no insight on making it something big in the future!! We ALL strive in supplementing our income to keep up with fuel hikes, drastic increase in groceries, meat, vegetables, transport. The list goes on & salaries stay the same!


So…. Aside from the above, I offer my own business opportunities to clients not knowing where to find their niche. (Which at this time is still growing… and who knows, maybe exponentially once you come on board!!)

You gimme a buzz/email, enclose your contact details and I’ll forward necessary documentation for your perusal and signature with joining fee. (It’s minor agreement with no fine print!)


I motivate/encourage you till you earn up to 35% on some of the products offered. I thought I had a bad month once and at the end of the day made R20,000 cost to company (meaning AFTER COMMISSION WAS DEDUCTED!!) Needless to say I got recognized for my efforts and man, it makes you feel alive and even more inspired/motivated to do better next time!


AND THIS IS WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO ME TO SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE. I am passionate about what I do, I believe in the product, use the product and have made wonderful friends along the way who are loyal to my services!


So just believe in what you do and do what it takes to make it work – there is always a way/answer to overcome those pesky hurdles!!! As today's life is rushed and overwhelmed with responsibility and financial strain, working long hours and then coming home to just start up on your second job. When do you sleep!


And that’s where I’d like to come in – let me guide/advise you on the most efficient and optimal solutions, tips, techniques and offer guidance and referrals where I can. We all try EVERY business opportunity out there, trust me I could sell Ice to “Eskimo’s in Winter” as my dad always used to joke! And in due time & dedication to follow through on your dream – the payday that always seemed so far away could turn out to be a bonus on top of what you are earning in your spare time to make provision for any of your dreams!


Now that’s what I can live with! Time time for change and for you to take back your life is NOW!


You may email me anytime and I'll provide guidance on how to set up a home office, as it takes a lot of prep, dedication, sacrifice, extreme admin and record keeping, Invoice tracking- stock updates and the list goes on! & if you get to stump me, then we brainstorm over coffee and we rock on letting no small hiccup slow us down! Basically, if you feel you’re looking at starting a new venture... Don't give it a second thought!




Hope to hear from you! Rgds, Michelle.

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    Focused on direct marketing exposure.
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Bella Creata Markteting CC

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