Shutterlock (PTY) LTD in Gauteng, Randfontein, South Africa

Shutterlock [Pty] Ltd import, manufacture and distribute a complete range of lifting and rigging hardware. Including Steel Wire Rope, Kito & Black Bear Chain Blocks, Kito Electric Hoists, Bridonwire rope, Crosby Shackles & Clamps, Steel Wire Rope Slings, Webbing Slings, Chain Slings, Winder Rope, Underground Roof Support (split sets, pigtail eyebolts, flexible eyebolts, mechanicalanchors), etc.
  • Lifting Equipment

    chain blocks, turnbuckles, shackles, Tirfors, manilla rope, hooks, chain, slings, tiedowns, load binders, ferrules, thimbles, winches,snatch blocks, girder clamps, beam clamps, lifting clamps, fibre rope, nylon rope, Karcher pressure washers, rigging screws, tirfors, slings, ropes, Platipus Anchors, earth Anchors, webbing slings, synthetic slings, endless round slings, split sets, oblongs, hammerlocks, grab hooks,

  • Steel wire rope

    Stock steel wire rope 1mm to 50mm diameter.

  • Steel wire rope slings

    Steel wire rope slings from 2mm to 50mm manufactured Supplied with certificates of conformance.

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear Electric chain hoists, manual chain blocks and lever hoists.

  • Webbing Slings

    Manufacture a complete range of webbing slings flat and endless round. Brand name Salva-Vida.

    1 ton to 300 ton SWL

  • Winches

    Plumbob winch, Crab winch, Dymot winch, 4x4 winch, hand winch, electric winch, lifting winch, pulling winch

  • Max Alloy

    Chain, hooks, slings, oblongs, swivel hooks, grab hooks, hammerlocks, cargo chain, loadbinders, satangs, test certificates, recertification, coupling link, self locking hooks.

  • Turnbuckles

    We stock a complete range of turnbuckles from 6mm to 42 mm
  • Repairs & Re- Certification

    Chain slings, Tirfors, Chain blocks, Lever hoists, Wire rope slings, webbing slings, crane blocks, winches, snatch blocks

  • Rope Synthetic & Natural

    Nylon rope, poly Prop rope, polysteel rope, Manilla Rope, Sisal rope.

  • Tirfor

    Tirfors 0.75 ton to 4 ton

    Tirfor ropes

  • Railbenders

    Railbenders, to bend railway tracks

  • Gripple

    Gripple Hang-Fast,Gripple Cutters,Tensulators

  • Bridon Wire Rope

    Mine Winder Rope

    Crane Rope

  • Bridon

    Mine winder & High Performance crane rope

  • Wire rope cutters

    Wire rope cutters 6 - 25 mm

  • Chain

    Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Anchor Chains, rigging chains, galvanized chains, mooring chains, lifting chains, rigging chains, tiedown chains, cargo chains, chain slings.

  • Proof load testing

    Re- Certification of all lifting Hardware

  • Crosby

    Crosby shackles,clamps, turnbuckles, eye bolts, hooks, chain, fittings, sheave wheels.

  • Kito

    Kito Electric hoists, Manual chain blocks, Lever hoists

  • Karcher

    Karcher high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, Steam cleaners, carpet washers, scrubbers, Waps


Shutterlock (PTY) LTD
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