Ledon in Gauteng / Mpumalanga / Polokwane

Ledon provides quality and cost effective training, course material, coaching, recruitment and human resource consulting services. Ledon believes in the potential of people and will continually assists individuals and organisations in reaching their full potential.
  • Corporate Training

    Ledon offers a variety of training courses to corporate companies and individuals. Our courses are OBE and NQF aligned for optimum skills development. Courses include: Customer Service, Leadership and Problem solving. At Ledon we are passionate about developing skills and this is evidenced through the quality of our development interventions
  • Women Empowerment Workshop

    This is a life skills training course especially designed for women from all walks of life. Ledon respects and nourishes the uniqueness of each women and their potential locked within. We believe that this can be most easily be discovered and applied through awareness of oneself - through Self Knowledge.
  • Assessment and Moderation

    Ledon assists in the assessing of individual capabilities, skills and competency level to make suitable recommendations that improves employee productivity and confidence. Ledon caters to all individuals, organizations, in-house trainers, training providers and assessors
  • Course Development

    Ledon offers course development services to training firms, agencies and organisations. All training material is unit standard aligned and developed to meet outcome-based principles. New training material can also be developed on request of the client. Packages include: Customer Service, Leadership, Recruitment and Conduct meetings.
  • Coaching

    Coaching is a facilitation process that is self directed and solution focused. Our coaches will assist candidates in identifying causes of problems and stress and aid in the correction of these limitations. Candidates will ultimately gain more confidence and self believe to better their life, career and relationships.
  • HR Consulting

    Ledon offers a variety of management and human resource consulting services. We provide on-site or off-site assistance or a combination of both that best meets the client’s needs. Our services include: Performance Management, Skills Audits, Employee Relations and Labour policies.



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