Size-Can-Do Recycling (Pty) Ltd in Free State, Welkom

We are a trading and recycling comapny.

In recycling, we collect waste from people and businesses such as clubs/bottle stores/restaurants/shops and many  more other places. We collect:

*White Paper- used and unused

*Special Bottles- 750ml,375ml,200ml bottles such as Richieiu, Three Ships, Hunters Dry, Autumn Harvest and others. These bottles are not to be broken.

As a company of this environment, we also offer to clean business offices and restaurants looking to keep their premises clean and heathly. we also offer to clean up after outdoor events and etc.

For information you may contact Sizwe: 078 8367 505 or Jane:076 363 3984


Size-Can-Do Recycling (Pty) Ltd