Cubic Blue in Fourways

We are a small but large hearted business with a personal touch, offering more than just recruitment services, HR, Job Opportunities, Training, Coaching, Team Building and Breakaways. We offer a life changing experience through interaction with like-minded people with the belief that people are not just numbers, but in fact part of our journey called LIFE.

We offer 12% recruitment fee which is unheard of. One doesn’t need to charge more, to run a good business. It’s not just about taking, but giving too.

This principle is extended to all areas of the business which can be identified when carefully considering contracts between employers and employees, thus ensuring that both parties are represented respectfully.

  • Recruitment and HR consulting

    We provide all companies, big or small, a service in recruitment as well as any HR function they may need assistance with. We draw up job descriptions,screen and interview to find the perfect candidate for the position. We organise and monitor the HR aspects within the business if required.
    • Recruitment and HR consulting


Cubic Blue

recruitment and hr consulting