Canada Abroad in Fourways, Johannesburg

An ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultancy assisting those who want to immigrate to Canada from South Africa.
Assessing your eligibility to immigrate to Canada for free, Comprehensive Consultation, Calculating your Comprehensive Ranking System score, where applicable, Explaining which immigration program you qualify under and the full requirements of the program, Facilitating your entire application from start to finish, Assisting with booking of correct language tests and providing study materials, Assisting with educational credential assessments and obtaining required related documents, Assisting with drafting of required documents, Completing all required application forms, Compiling and submitting your full application on your behalf, Explaining processing times for your specific application, Communicating with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your behalf, Arranging your medical examinations, Track your application for you until your visa is issued, Answering your questions and addressing your concerns, Assisting with your immigration problems (criminal issues, medical conditions, previously rejected applications, custody issues), Assisting you in understanding and meeting the conditions of your application, Direct advice from our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, not a case worker or sales person, Assistance in updating your resume into Canadian standards, Constant communication throughout the process from start to finish


Canada Abroad
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