Butterfly Fairies Nail Bar in Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Butterfly Fairies Nail Bar in Pretoria's Faerie Glen strives for the very best in nail care and enhancements for any occasion

  • Absolute Add Ons

    Includes Paraffin Wax Therapy, Cocoon Therapy, Scrub Off, and Rooibos & Honey Hand or Feet Facial.

  • The Perfect Essentails

    Includes Natural Nail Therapy, The Complete Butterfly Fairy Package, Flawless French Manicures and Pedicures, Everlasting Maniccures and Pedicures, Perfect Polich, Final Touches, Minis (8yrs and younger), and Mums and Daughters packages.

  • Perfect Enhancements

    Includes Bio - Sculpture Gel, Young Nails Acrylic, Maintenance, and Nail Enhancements for Feet.

  • Perfect Nail Art

    Includes Contemporary Art, and Air-Brushed Nail Art Tips.

  • Special Events

    Matric Farewell dance, Your Wedding day, Your Stork tea, Your Kitchen tea, and Birthday Parties for Girls.


Butterfly Fairies Nail Bar
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